Department of State law disciplines

As the part of the judicial reforms in Uzbekistan, a Specialized Branch of Tashkent State Law University (hereinafter the Branch) was established for preparing modern, qualified legal personnel for the urban units of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Guard according to the Presidential Decree “On further measures to improve the training system in the field of crime prevention and public safety” (February 7, 2019 No. 4166).

The Department of “State Law Disciplines” is a structural unit of the Branch and eight teachers, including two doctors and one candidate of Law, work here. The Department conducts educational work, scientific and methodological activities, spiritual work on the modules "The State and Law Theory", "Judicial and Law Enforcement Agencies", and "Constitutional Law", as well as research activities in these areas.

The main tasks of the Department are:

- to prepare the qualified specialists with theoretical knowledge and practical skills who are ready to carry out professional activities in law enforcement agencies;

- to improve the quality of the educational process by the highly-qualified pedagogical personnel of the Department;

- to ensure the relationship of theoretical knowledge received by students with practical skills; therefore, the Department actively involves law enforcement officials as officers of the active reserve to share with their practical work experience;

- to retrain officers of internal affairs bodies of Tashkent City and Tashkent Region who do not have a higher legal education;

- to develop and improve the methodological support of the educational process, to introduce new educational technologies, teaching methods and means, to widely use active and interactive forms of conducting classes in the educational process, to hold meetings with representatives of employers, state and public organizations, to organize master classes by experts and specialists;

- to develop mutual cooperation with legislative, executive and judicial authorities, the prosecutor's office, internal affairs bodies, the National Guard, and other educational institutions of higher professional legal education, including the foreign higher legal institutions for the training of legal personnel for law enforcement agencies;

Another priority of the Department is the wide involvement of students and teachers in research work.

The Department personnel perform activities to train modern, competent legal graduates of law enforcement agencies, make their contribution to the ongoing reforms in the country aimed at the further economic growth and improvement of the Uzbekistan’s people wellbeing.


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