Academic Registrar’s office

Specialized Branch of Tashkent state University of Law Educational and methodical department established in accordance with the Decree of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan №PP-4166 “On additional measures to improve the personnel training system in the field of provision of public professional responsibility ”

The organization of educational process aimed at personnel training in the sphere of crime prevention and a public safety based on studying programs, providing basic and practice professional performance in jurisprudence, also based on a modular system of study with using modern forms and methods, information and communication technologys directed to ensure close relationship for the preparation with a law enforcement.

Creating effective system, based on a module system, also in curriculum, programs and educational-methodical materials directed to increase practical skills and psychological performance,to increase legal, political culture and a legal awareness of students.

Currently 268 students are studying in the special branch and more than 25 teachers are teaching them.


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